La Clase Divertida Level I Curriculum Kit

La Clase Divertida Level I Curriculum Kit

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A Complete Children's Early Level (Latin American) Conversational Spanish Class Curriculum for Private Schools, Home-School Families, Home-School Co-ops, Missionaries, Special Needs Educators, Speech Therapists, and Hispanic Families, etc. The DVD/CD complete Children's Conversation Spanish Instruction-all you need in a kit- completely-provided format is designed for multi-ages and various learning styles to learn together (or individually) as needed...The La Clase Divertida Children's Spanish Conversation Instruction Curriculum has been divided into 3 kits - approximately 3 years of materials... so that the younger children may begin their adventure of learning the Spanish language at the most advantageous time! We've been informed that even the 2yr old household members of Homeschooling families are enjoying and learning with La Clase Divertida Spanish Curriculum!

A Complete Children's Conversational/Cultural Spanish Language Instruction Program! The Level 1 kit is the first level of a three level Spanish Language Instruction series. Upon completing the approximate three years of La Clase Divertida Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 (with individual conversational mastery considered) this curriculum in total, introduces approximately the same material and practical skill level as a High School Spanish 1 Conversation class.

LANGUAGE TOPICS COVERED: Vowels, Alphabet, Family Members, Numbers 1-20, Greetings-Oral Conversation, Domestic Animals, Body Parts, Days of the Week, and Colors...Games, Songs, Miming, Conversational Interaction, and Classroom Instruction are all utilized via DVD/Audio CD to introduce and practice the Spanish Language with the children and (facilitating)adults using this program.

CULTURAL TOPICS COVERED: We feature a Hispanic Country in each kit. Level 1 culturally features Mexico. There are (4) Mexican Food Cooking Segments, (6) Songs including a Christmas Posada, (4) Historical Stories told by Tuqui the Toucan, (7) Different Cultural Arts Activities, and A Map Study of Mexico.

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