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Brigid Poster

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Dedicated to the goddess Brigid, one of the most famous and revered of the triple goddesses of the Celtic pantheon, this parchment poster offers a prayer written by Travis Bowman against a backdrop of a Brigid's Cross, as designed by Eliot Alexander. Printed upon an 8 1/2" by 11" parchment paper, this poster reads: Bright and fiery arrow, Blaze kindly into my life. Sainted bringer of spring, Grow ever more verdant and luch. Mistress of poetry and craft, Dance on my tongue and in my hands. Guardian of the wells and waters and herbs, Warm my hearth and open the doors to compassions Thank you, exalted one, for the nourishment of Milk and words, For the protection of your threadbare cloak, For the peace that abides in your care. Bless you for the four fires And the thawing earth. Brigid, I promise my best effort And lightest laugh in your name.

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