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Red And Green Flashing Christmas Lights Necklace

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This Christmas while Santa is taking his flights. Wear our necklace made from Christmas lights. With light up charms at eight of the nodes you’ll have fun switching between each of three modes. Make our necklace one of your picks. Get Christmas Lights Necklaces up in your mix. These lights make great Christmas ornaments for your Christmas tree. They are fun and affordable stocking stuffers, X-mas office gifts, and great for holiday parties!

To activate your Flashing Lights Christmas Necklace, remove pull-tab and press button on battery house for 3 light functions: Flash, Blink, Light Pulse/Flash Combo

Red and Green Flashing Bulb Necklaces have 8 bright LEDs and a breakaway clasp on the lanyard.

Necklace Length: Approx. 40?

Bulb Size: 1?

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